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Payment Options

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utility bill.

Automatic Bill Payment Plan: By enrolling in Automated Bill Payment Plan, your regularly scheduled utility bill will be paid automatically from your checking/savings account by your bank on the day your payment is due (10th of the month) - and it's free!

To enroll, bring a voided check to City Hall and fill out the enrollment form.


NEW!!! Pay Online: Take advantage of the time-saving power of the Internet with our Utilities Online service. You can view your account balance, usage history, payment history as well as pay your bill with a credit or debit card. It's fast and secure! A 2% credit/debit card Surcharge and $1.25 Technology Fee will apply.

Visit:  and follow the link!

NEW!!! Pay by Phone: Higginsville Utilities offers interactive telephone service that allows our customers to pay their bill with a credit or debit card. Call 866-257-1307, punch in your account number and address to access your account. It's that easy! A 2% credit/debit card Surcharge and $1.25 Technology Fee will apply.

Pay by Mail: The traditional method. Pay your bill via U.S. Postal Service with a personal check, money order or Credit/Debit Card (2% Surcharge will apply) upon receipt of your bill. Please allow enough time for delivery to be made to the City of Higginsville by the due date.

Pay In Person: Bills may be paid in person at the following location:

1922 Main, Higginsville, MO
 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8-5.
For your convenience, a Drive-up window and Night Depository is available.