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Rates -- Net Meter Service (Schedule 80)

Electric service under this schedule is subject to all rules and regulations approved by the Higginsville Board of Aldermen.


1.    Net meter service rate. Applicable to any Higginsville Municipal Utilities (HMU) customer that owns and operates an HMU approved solar, wind or biomass generating facility or hydrogen fuel cell with a capacity of not more than one hundred (100) kilowatts that is located on the customer's premises is interconnected and operates in parallel with HMU's existing transmission and distribution facilities and is intended primarily to offset part or all of the customer's own electrical power requirements. HMU offers this in compliance with the Net Metering and Easy Connection Act (Section 386.890, RSMo.)


2.    Customer Charge. The Customer Charge is designed to recover the costs of metering, billing, call center, and other administration costs.


a.       Customer Charge                                                           $15.00


3.    Rate. For kwhs generated, per month: will be based on latest power cost.


4.    Conditions of service. Net metering is available within the City limits of Higginsville at any point on HMU's existing facilities that have adequate capacity and suitable voltage for delivery of service. A completed and approved application/agreement for net metering is required prior to connection to HMU's facilities. More information regarding net metering can be obtained by contacting Higginsville's Building Code official.


5.    Special conditions.


a.    The customer-generator is responsible for all costs associated with its generating facility and is also responsible for all costs related to any modifications to the facility that may be required by HMU for purposes of safety and reliability.


b.    A net metering facility shall meet all applicable safety and performance standards established by the National Electric Safety Code, the National Electric Code, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers and Underwriters Laboratory.


c.    The customer-generator is responsible for obtaining liability insurance and such other requirements that may be listed in the application/agreement for net metering.


6.    Method of payment. If the electricity supplied by HMU exceeds the electricity generated by the customer-generator during the applicable billing period, the customer-generator shall be billed for the net billable kilowatt hours (kwh) supplied by HMU in accordance with the rates and charges under HMU's standard rate schedule applicable to the customer. If the electricity generated by the customer-generator exceeds the electricity supplied by HMU, the customer- generator shall be credited for the net value of the electric energy delivered to HMU during the applicable billing period at HMU's avoided cost, with this credit appearing on the customer-generator's bill no later than the following billing period. HMU's avoided cost for these purposes shall be calculated based on the avoided energy cost from HMU's wholesale energy provider purchased by Higginsville Municipal Utilities during the previous fiscal year. Credits will expire without any compensation at the earlier of either twelve (12) months after issuance or when the customer-generator disconnects service or terminates the net metering relationship with the supplier.