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City Lake

The City Lake is located East of Higginsville on AA.  Although no camping is allowed at the City Lake, it is a popular spot for Fishing and Boating.  The City Lake is also the water source for the City of Higginsville and surrounding area.


Any person wishing to fish at the Higginsville City Lake needs to obtain a users permit if between the ages of 16 and 65.  The permit may be obtained from City Hall or other locations as designated by the City of Higginsville. 

Hunting at the City Lake

Waterfowl hunting is allowed from City approved blinds from 1/2 hour prior to sunrise until noon each day during the State designated season.  Licensed fishermen will be permitted to fish from noon to lake closure.


Boating is allowed on the City Lake, but boats are only allowed to travel at a no wake speed.