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Utility Deposits





 Residential  $150.00         $50.00*  $15.00
 Construction Service  $100.00*         $25.00* N/A
 Commercial - Small
 Determined at time of application**  $50.00  N/A
 Commercial - Large
 Determined at time of application**
 Determined at time of application**  $50.00  
 Multiple Service (3-5 services)
 Multiple Service (6-10 services)

* For any customer with a history of delinquency, an additional amount of deposit will be required, based upon prior usage for that customer.


**  The amount of the required deposit will be the estimated average two-month bill for that business, in that location, over the next 12-month period.  This estimated two-month bill will be arrived at by one of the following three methods at the City’s sole option:

  • An average based on the previous twelve (12) months actual consumption history at the particular location, times the current rates.
  • An actual engineering estimate to be prepared by the utility based on the actual types of equipment and physical plant involved in the location.
  • The estimated two (2)  month billing, based on those billings rendered to comparable businesses at other locations.
The City of Higginsville shall be responsible for the determination of the appropriate deposit amounts.
 ***  The deposits for multiple electrical and water meter services shall cover the following only:
  • Rental property in order to protect the landlord’s property when vacant, or to furnish utilities to landlord’s tenant.
  • Construction services when used for this purpose within a period of one (1) year or less, with the intent of becoming permanent installations.
Note:  To constitute an electrical and water meter service, one (1) service shall be comprised of one (1) electrical meter and one (1) water meter, which shall constitute one (1) service for the purpose of this Section.