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Rates - Primary Power


1. Availability.  This schedule is available to any commercial customer using standard electric service for combined power, lighting, heating and/or special equipment at points on the municipal utility's existing distribution lines within the area served by the municipal utility.  No billings shall be made for a maximum demand of less than forty (40) kilowatts.

2. Character of service.  Alternating current, 60 cycles, 240 volt, 480 volt, three-phase for power loads.
3. Application.  To single-phase or three-phase service for all power uses in manufacturing and processing establishments where the municipal utility is the sole source of supply.  Service is for the exclusive use of the customer and shall not be resold or shared with others.


4. Customer Charge. The Customer Charge is designed to recover the costs of metering, billing, call center, and other administration costs.

5. Monthly rate.

      a. Customer charge.

          Customer charge     $223.44
      b. Energy charge.
           First 120 kwh per kw of billing demand @  $.0880
           Next 180 kwh per kw of billing demand @   .0837
           Over 300 kwh per kw of billing demand @   .0591
      c. Demand charge.
           Minimum kw billing demand @    $318.39
           All kw demand @    $7.96

      d. Minimum charge.  The monthly minimum charge shall be the demand charge but not less than three hundred eighteen dollars and thirty-nine cents ($318.39).  This schedule contemplates year-round service with at least a minimum bill paid each month of the year.
      e. Billing demand.  The billing demand shall be the maximum indicated kilowatt demand charge but not less than fifty percent (50%) of the maximum indicated kilowatt demand recorded in the twelve (12) month period ending with the current month, except that no billing demand shall be less than forty (40) kilowatts.
6. Payment.  Bills are rendered monthly and are due upon receipt.  A late payment charge will be added to the bill if payment is not received by the twentieth (20th) of the month.  The late payment charge shall be ten dollars ($10.00) for a monthly utility bill up to five hundred dollars ($500.00).  The late payment charge shall be two percent (2%) of the total utility bill for a monthly bill in excess of five hundred dollars ($500.00), with penalty accruing at the rate of two percent (2%) per month.  A fraction of a month shall be counted as a whole month.  Penalty will not exceed eighteen percent (18%) per year.  The municipal utility shall have the right to suspend services on the twenty-first (21st) day of the month if payment is not received.  The customer, in order to be reconnected, must pay all bills for utility services, including late charges, together with a reconnect charge of twenty dollars ($20.00). If utility customer has or has had a delinquent account balance, they may be required to make an additional deposit.


7.    General.

        a.    Customers receiving service under this rate schedule shall sign a contract effective for one (1) year or more.

        b.    As far as practical, all energy should pass through one (1) point of delivery and the municipal utility, at its option, may meter at primary voltage.

        c.    The municipal utility will install a suitable demand meter for determining the monthly maximum indicated demand.