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Water Heater Rebate

As an added value to the customers of Higginsville Municipal Utilities, the City is now offering a water heater rebate program. This program is to promote the use of our community owned and operated electric utility.

You can get cash back on the installation of an electric water heater in a new home as well as replacing an existing water heater. To qualify simply follow the guidelines and fill out a rebate application form available at City Hall.
Requirements to qualify for the electric water heater rebate:
  1. Must be a Higginsville Municipal Utility customer in good standing.
  2. Must have a paid receipt from the vendor, plumber or contractor for the water heater.
  3. Complete Rebate Application form available at City Hall.
  4. Water heater must be a minimum of 40 gallons.
  5. Water heater must be installed in a permanent residence or building. (Mobile homes will not be considered permanent residences unless attached to a permanent foundation.)
  6. Must be within a 90-day period of installation.
  7. Rebates apply to new equipment only.
  8. Inspection of installation for proper wiring and plumbing will be done before rebate is issued.

Rebate amounts:

  • Replacement of gas with electric: $150
  • New Home with electric: $250
  • Replacement of existing electric: $100
This program will be available each year as per budgeted by the Higginsville Board of Alderman and is subject to withdrawal at any time.