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Electric Department

Electric Supply System

The City of Higginsville Electric Department has been in continuous operation since 1894. The system is community owned and operated, and currently serves more than 2300 customers in and around the city limits of Higginsville. This system consists of two basic interconnected systems, power generation and power distribution.


Mission Statement:


“Our mission is to provide electric energy utility services with a high degree of reliability and safety, at the lowest reasonable cost.”

The electric supply utility is governed by the City, Mayor, and the Board of Aldermen, and is under the direction of the City Administrator Jeanette Dobson and Electric Superintendent Johnathan Wallace.


Ø  Electric Generation

The current electric production generation consists of the following system backup/peaking generation units; two dual-fuel combustion turbines rated at 20MW each, one dual-fuel unit rated at 4.6MW, and one diesel unit rated at 1.3MW.  Net generation is sold by contract to the Missouri Public Energy Pool, of which the City of Higginsville is a member.

In addition to the generation operations, the city purchases power from the Missouri Public Energy Pool and Southwest Power Administration (SWPA), which is a hydro-electric generation and transmission energy system.

Ø  Electric Distribution System

The primary power delivered to the city and generated from the city are transmitted via the Kansas City Power & Light transmission system.

The city distribution delivery system consists of two 69KV-12.5KV substations, one on the west side of town and the other located in the power plant complex located on the east side of town. These substations are interconnected and are connected to the transmission system. The city electric system provides service to the I-70 and Hwy 13 junction, which includes an area backup power plant. The city electrical distribution system also provides area rental lighting services.
The Electric Department production and distribution crews work Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. and provides after-hours service with a two-man crew on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.