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Chamber of Commerce

The Higginsville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors would like to welcome you our community.  Whether you are visiting, considering relocation, or have recently moved here, we think you will find Higginsville an inviting place to be.  It’s a community where you can experience quiet residential areas, bustling commercial and business activity, historical points of interest, and religious, community or organization events in the span of a few hours.
The Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to improving the economic environment in which we live.  Our approximately 200 members are active participants in this effort and take great pride in the good that can be accomplished when people work together.  We believe everyone benefits when businesses are more successful, when the community is more beautiful, and when residents (our customers) are more appreciated.
Higginsville offers a wide variety of businesses, an excellent school system, a tremendous public parks system, many strong churches, and reliable public services.  But what makes this a great place to live is the people.  I hope you can experience the welcoming attitude of the residents, notice the pride of ownership evident in their property care, and witness the neighborly kindness displayed each day.
Again, welcome to Higginsville. You can find more information about The Higginsville Chamber of Commerce at Chamber of Commerce.