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Special Services

911 Central Dispatch Center

The City of Higginsville is proud to offer services which include a full-time dispatch center with enhanced 911. Higginsville is the only municipality with-in Lafayette County that has its own dispatch center. We provide services to some surrounding communities by contracting to dispatch their ambulance and fire departments. The dispatch center is located in the Higginsville Police Department building and dispatches for Police, Fire and Ambulance. Five fully certified dispatchers share the duties of running a professional dispatch center.

Those residents living with-in the city limits of Higginsville may call 911 in an emergency. All calls initiated from outside the city limits in rural Higginsville will be answered by the Lafayette County Dispatch Center.Note: Calls made from cellular phones are not answered by the local dispatch center. Therefore, it is very important to give accurate information, including addresses or directions to those who answer those emergency calls that are made from cellular phones.

Tornado Warning System

Tornado The City of Higginsville has a tornado warning system in place. There are 7 sirens located strategically in order to maximize the coverage. Although this system is meant to warn citizens, it is recommended that citizens of Higginsville always monitor the radio and television in the event of severe weather.

If you hear the siren, do not call in to dispatch to see if they can tell you anything. Take cover immediately. Continue to monitor radio and television as there is no all clear siren sounded.

The tornado warning system is tested on the first Wednesday of each month unless it is a Holiday or there is inclement weather.