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Emergency Management

Family Preparedness

A wonderful, short, informative booklet is now available to help you make you family more prepared for an emergency within your community.  READY IN THREE is an easy to follow guide on the three steps needed to better prepare your family in the event of an emergency.  Please stop by the Emergency Management Office at 211 W. 19th, Higginsville, for your FREE copy.


How the Public Can Help

In these uncertain times that we now live in, we can all help by becoming more involved. Volunteer at a hospital, help out at the Senior Center, take an EMT class or join our growing CERT team.

In a disaster or community crisis, we will all need to pull together. We will need to help our families, friends, and neighbors to get through the crisis. In a disaster or crisis, the usual services are stretched thin, therefore the need for additional help becomes more important. By volunteering and being trained, you can become part of our sustaining team to keep our community going. Call today to become involved in our medical teams. Call 660-584-6780 to discuss how you can help!!


Emergency Shelter

In the event that Higginsville experiences a major disaster where our living quarters are destroyed or damaged beyond being able to live in, we have an emergency shelter with provisions that will allow residents temporary housing. Another application that would warrant activating this shelter would be the loss of power either in the winter or summer requiring relocation of residents. The number to call for transportation to the shelter when it is activated, is 660-584-2106.