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City Cemetery  **For Cemetery Record information, return to the Home Page/Scroll down to News and Announcements/Follow the link for Higginsville Map Viewer.

Originally a private cemetery known as "Silent Hill," the Higginsville City Cemetery was a 6 acre tract purchased, in consideration of $1, from the Hoefer family in August 1910. In 1988 additional acreage was purchased from the Stapleton and Smith estates to total 21.2 acres. There is presently seven acres to be subdivided for lot sales.

The cemetery is located at Lipper and 22nd Street in Southeast Higginsville. Its perpetual care is a source of community pride.

In the 1980’s, the American Legion Post 223 Ladies Auxiliary and the City Sexton worked together to establish what is now known as the "Avenue of Flags". Deceased veterans’ families have donated all the flags that are flown in the "Avenue of Flags" on Memorial Day weekend. The "Avenue" presently consists of approximately 270 flags with several being added each year. To donate a flag to the "Avenue", please contact a member of the American Legion Post 223 Ladies Auxiliary or the City Clerk at 660-584-2106.

Flowers and memorials are allowed on grave sites one week before Memorial Day to two weeks following Memorial Day. At which time, we ask that all flowers and memorials be removed to allow the mowing and upkeep of the cemetery grounds, No shrubs or flowers are allowed to be planted on any grave site. No recreational horseback riding or dogs are allowed on the Cemetery grounds. Please honor these regulations so that the peace and tranquility of the Cemetery will not be disturbed.

Donations to the City Cemetery are always welcome to assist capital improvements; such as, blacktop the roads and installing approved benches. In response to a request, donations will be accepted to install approved benches along the South side of the sixth addition.

For internment information or locating grave sites, contact personnel at City Hall (660-584-2106).


 Grave Opening Fees
   Workdays  Weekends/Holidays
 All graves for full size caskets*   $350.00  $500.00
 All other with maximum depth 4 feet  $150.00   $250.00
*fee for all disinterrings

 Grave Purchase – all graves $350.00

 All prices effective March 1, 2019