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Drainage Areas and Structures

The City of Higginsville contains approximately 2.5 square miles of land inside the corporate limits.  The surface area of the entire town drains into 4 main discharge points.  All of the drainage areas runoff to a larger outfall ditch capable of handling the runoff.  There has been many improvements to drainage areas in the past 25 years.  At this time there are still numerous smaller projects related to drainage scheduled for improvements in the near future.  There are also larger drainage projects being considered.  As continued construction occurs there also becomes additional needs to contain the runoff from the new facilities.
The Storm Sewer System for the City of Higginsville contains over 200 Storm Basins.  There are more than 4 miles of storm sewer piping ranging from sizes of 15” diameter to over 72” diameter.  The Storm sewer basins include curb grate inlet style as well as drop inlet basins.  Maintenance and updating will continue of the existing storm sewer system as needed.
With the addition of a GIS Mapping system control of areas needing storm sewer additions will be easier to complete.  Drainage areas, runoff and flow calculations will be easier to manage in the future with the addition of the GIS Mapping system now used by the City of Higginsville Utilities Departments.