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The City of Higginsville prides itself in all areas and street improvements is indeed one of them.  In the past 35 to 40 years, special programs have been implemented to provide the citizens with a better, more consistent City street system.  In this time period, many improvements have taken place.  The addition of approximately 30 miles of concrete curb and gutter, hot-mix overlay, and storm sewer drainage structures constructed throughout the City have helped citizens and visitors get to their destination in a safe manner.  At the present time, over 90% of all the streets have curb and gutter and will continue with these improvements.
The main reason for the addition of curbing is due to a rebate program implemented in 1985.  This gives citizens a chance to hire a contractor to construct the curb and gutter and receive a rebate from the City of Higginsville for a large portion of the initial cost.
Many drainage improvements were also made in the past and continue to occur in other areas needing improvements, as time and funding become available.
A program of hot-mix overlay began in 1990.  In areas where the curbing was previously constructed for the entire length of a block or more with suitable sub-bases, overlaying has occurred.  We are now also overlaying partial blocks. Many of the streets are overlayed with hot-mix asphalt and others will be in the future. Also, with the passing of the $.01/gallon gasoline tax in the City limits, this is providing additional funding to add to improvements.
There are presently 5 employees with the Street Department.  The average employment time with the City of Higginsville Street Department is 15 years.  Experience is not an issue when daily tasks are completed.