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Permit Information

What Requires A Building Permit?

A permit is required to erect, construct, reconstruct, convert, alter, enlarge, extend, raze or move any building or structure or any portion of any building or structure.  A permit is also required to construct a fence and construct or alter signs.

The following require building permits in the City of Higginsville:

  • Fences (T-post and welded wire mesh/chicken wire is permitted as garden fencing only, not a yard or perimeter fencing-garden fencing does not require a permit.)
  • Storage sheds, garages, and carports if over 200 sf. Please contact  me for zoning regulations regarding structure placement, even if under 200 sf.
  • Water heater replacement
  • Furnace and AC condenser replacement
  • Water service line and sewer line replacement
  • Electrical service panel upgrades, additional electrical wiring or plumbing
  • Basement finishes, garage conversions
  • Window wells
  • Room additions
  • Porches and decks, including removing and replacing an existing one
  • In-ground swimming pools. Any swimming pool (in-ground or above-ground) over 24 inches deep requires a 4’ high fence completely around the pool.

*This is not a complete list, but a list of the most common home improvements we see. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding building permits.

Procedures For Obtaining A Permit:

Building permit applications may be obtained from the office of the Building Official.  When they are completed, they shall be returned to the Building Official, along with a set of building plans, including a site plan that show the dimensions of the lot to be built upon, per the recorded plat.  It shall show size, shape and location of present and proposed buildings.

Processing A Permit:

The application will be reviewed by the Zoning Administrator, Department Heads and the Building Official and shall either be issued or refused within 10 days after receipt of an application, or within such further period of time agreed to by the applicant.  Commercial plan reviews may take up to three weeks.

Permit Fees:

The City of Higginsville uses the ICC formula to calculate permit fees.  This formula is based on the Type of Construction Method.  The first thing to do is determine the Permit Fee Multiplier:
  1. Determine the total annual construction value within the City for the past year
  2. Determine the percentage of the building department budget expected to be provided by permit fees
Residential & Industrial = .4%
Commercial = .5%
Multiplier = Bldg. Dept Budget x %
                   Annual Const. Value
The Type of Construction Method uses building gross area, the Type of Construction Factor,  and the Permit Fee Multiplier to compute the permit fees.
Permit Fee = Gross Area x Gross Area
                      Modifier x Type of Construction
                      Factor x Permit Fee Multiplier
Construction must begin within six months after the permit is issued and be completed within two years or the permit will be considered expired.
A permit my be revoked by the Zoning Administrator or Building Official at any time prior to the completion of the building or structure for which the permit was issued, when there is departure from the plans, specifications, or conditions as required under the terms of the permit, that the permit was procured by false representation, or that any provisions of the Zoning or Building Code Ordinances are being violated.
It is the primary responsibility of the property owner to secure the building permit.  If the property owner should contract part or all of the proposed work, it shall be the responsibility of both the owner and the contractor to ensure that all required permits and approvals have been secured prior to any work being started.

      More Information
      Contact Sandra Stephens,
      Building Official/Zoning Administrator

      Phone:  660-584-2106

      E-mail:  Building Official