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New Trash Service Information
Posted on Thursday August 25, 2022

Effective Thursday, September 1, 2022, RTS Waste Services, LLC will be the City of Higginsville’s new Residential Solid Waste Disposal Contractor.


The following is a guideline for weekly trash collection for residential units only. Please note that changes have been made on “weekly limits” and “bulk item” pick-ups.


Once a week collection: Your trash day is dependent upon which area of the City you live in.  See map on back of this informational sheet for your “pick-up day”.  Your “pick-up” day may be adjusted in the future. You will be notified if your day changes, but for now, please use the attached map to find out your “pick-up day”.

Weekly limit:  Residents will be limited to no more than 3 sixty-five gallon or smaller waste receptacles or 5 large trash bags per week.  Weight limit of 50 lbs per container or bundle.  Note:  55-gallon drums/ barrels are NOT acceptable receptacles.  All trash MUST be bagged, bundled or contained in such a way that it can be easily and quickly loaded.

Please set your trash out by 5:00 am on your collection day at the end of your driveway (or in the alley – if applicable).

Bulky items:  Monthly bulk pick-up for City residents will be collected on the first pick-up of the month.  Bulk items are limited to the size and weight that two (2) men can pick-up and load.  Items to be collected include: televisions, couches, tables, chairs, and other furniture, bed springs and mattresses, rugs and rug pads, lawn furniture, large toys, swing sets (dismantled), barbecue grills, sinks and bathroom furniture.  RTS will collect appliances during bulk pick-up.  Appliances must have documentation that the appliance has had the refrigerant removed by a qualified person or entity for the specific item to be picked up.  There is no additional cost for the 1 bulk item on the first pick-up of the month.

Additional bulk items may be picked up at any time by making arrangements with the RTS Waste Services’ office, additional fees apply.   Their contact number is 660-784-2474.

Property clean ups by landlords or construction, demolition, and remodeling debris are NOT considered weekly household trash. If you have a home improvement project or landlord clean out that requires debris disposal, please contact RTS Waste Services at 660-784-2474.

Holidays: There will be no trash service on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  If your normal pick-up day falls on or follows one of these holidays, it will be picked up one day late.


Weekly trash pick-up will be billed monthly on your utility bill in the amount of $13.25.

For any questions or concerns, please contact City Hall at 660-584-2106.