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Major categories of essential businesses defined in the Lafayette County Stay at Home Order include: Click on "Read More"
Posted on Monday March 30, 2020
Health care (doctors, dentists, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, medical research facilities, blood donation services, labs, etc);
Food and drink production and distribution (including grocery stores, markets, restaurants that offer food for carryout, liquor stores);
Sanitation (including laundromats, dry cleaners, household and business cleaning services and supply stores);
Transportation (including railroads, airports, public transit, taxis and other private transportation providers, and gas stations);
Financial Services (including banks, insurance providers, and professional services required to comply with legal and regulatory requirements);
Manufacturing and distribution of supplies and materials for essential businesses (including trucking and other supply chain support functions);
Maintenance and construction of infrastructure and households;
Child care;
Essential Government Operations;
Residential facilities (including hotels and motels);
Media and Communications Providers; and
Mailing, Shipping, and Delivery services.